Here is what America is saying about FreeInk4Life

AK Roberts,WI: I am totally amazed at the superb quality of your customer attention skills ! I have never had follow-up calls or e-mails to make sure I am being helped. Wow, all businesses should have their sales personnel be trained using your model ~ it is so refreshing to run across folks like you ...... gives me hope all is NOT lost in this economy. :-) Wow ! Got the ink ALREADY ! ! ! Wow, you folks can't be from this planet ! I have never experienced such awesome service ...... and the kindness of everyone there shines ! I have no doubt your company will survive no matter what Al

JP Miami, FL My best friend had told me about the Free Ink 4 Life Inkjet Refill kit. She ordered one and so did I. I have three printers at home that I use often and go through too many cartridges in a month. My best friend uses hers at her real estate office (they print off countless photos and documents everyday). We ordered our kits at the same time together and when we opened them up, the first thing out of my friend's mouth was, "OMG! They've sent us two suitcases of ink!" lol Seriously, the case is the size of a big
briefcase and has a handle on it too. Lol. It's works well and is easy to use. Now we are saving large amounts of money refilling the inkjet cartridges we already have.

WMM: Scranton PA I'm writing to express my appreciation for the free ink for life refill system or to put it other way --I AM ONE HAPPY CARTRIDGE REFILLING CAMPER!!!!. To be sure there was a learning curve , but thanks to your technical asst. I am getting longer refills per cartridge. MAN! HAVE I SAVED A LOT OF INK MONEY.

CS - Royal Palm Beach, FL I have been purchasing from Free Ink 4 Life for about 1 year and I am extremely impressed with quality, price, variety of products & prompt shipping. This product was no exception it is worth its weight in gold.Today I called their CSR (free ink for life) & spoke with BETSY and was extremely impressed with the high level of support I received .She was patient, articulate well spoken and gave all the assistance I needed. Well done FREE INK FOR LIFE keep up the good service and great products

AG - Stone Mountain, GA I have used this kit for 2 years now and have saved an amazing amount of money on ink. My daughter is a photographer and artist, my wife an editor and me a marketing consultant - we print a lot of pages/photos. This kit has also helped me feel good about not putting my cartridges in the landfill. And oh yeah, it is EASY to use. WOW!
GA – Hermitage, PA I had been told that my HP cartridges weren't refillable because of the chip on them. I saw the cartridge instructions on your site with a reset method so I bought a kit. Well, the kit worked on my cartridges and the reset method worked too. This is a pretty cool product.

AW – Montgomery, AL I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I opened up the box. This kit is huge! I've got three printers at home and to my surprise, I have refilled all six cartridges with success. If I had just bought one cartridge, it would have been almost the price of the entire kit! I refilled all six of my cartridges and still have ink left!

TM - Culver City, CA I ordered the kit from your site and when I opened it up, I really surprised at how big this whole kit actually is. Also, I was thinking the bottles would be small but they are over the 60ml size. That's twice the size of my old kit.

GK - Chattanooga, TN I have refilled for years and I bought this kit thinking it was just another refill kit on the market. It's not because this one is sooooo easy! I love those refill stations.

MK - Dayton, OH I received this as a present last December. I love it so much that I will definitely be giving it as a gift this year.

MM-Provo, UT I love the product. Your customer service people went out of their way to help me.

RT - Fresno, CA I just received your product today. I was impressed with the packaging and how fast it was delivered. I got my black and color cartridges filled up and plugged and it worked the first time I put them back in the printer.

OW - Beverly Hills, CA I received this kit as a gift. I know send it to my friends and family. Everyone loves this kit, it is a big $ saver.
SJ - Danbury, CT My boss purchased this kit for me to refill the office cartridges. I have never refilled a cartridge in my life but I honestly had no problems refilling with this kit. On the Lexmark cartridges, it says to refill them before they go empty. When I got the low
Ink warning, I refilled them right away and they worked right away. We've refilled the same cartridges at least 4 times already.

I just tried your refill system and I am very happy with the results. MW - Hubbard, OH
TC - Richmond, KYI was told time and time again that refill kits don't work. This one worked great for all of my cartridges and I have three printers at home!

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help that your staff gave me. I'm a little mad at myself for not trying this product sooner. MB – Tarpon Springs, FL

My granddaughter bought me a kit for Christmas and I really love it. I don't have steady hands but I never spilled a drop of ink and I refilled both cartridges and they worked right away.
JW - Chino Hills, CA

The refill stations in this kit are wonderful. I didn't have to worry about where to drill. By the way, I have refilled five times already with no problems. AG – Haverhill, NH

I bought the kit and was very skeptical of using any kind of refill kit. I sat down and spent a few minutes filling my black cartridge. When I put the cartridge back in my printer, it actually worked. I really like this product. PV - Buford, GA

I have a HP 56 cartridge and knew how to refill it but couldn't get it to work. Your instructions told me how to reset the chip so it would work. It worked fine and I'm still refilling the same cartridge.
RD - Hugo, OK

I work from my home and use a lot of inkjet cartridges. I bought this kit to save money but had no idea how much I had actually saved until I did my taxes. I was replacing my cartridges every three-four weeks with new ones. After using this kit for only 10 months, I saved over $800.00
DW - Otter Rock OR

I'm on a fixed income and bought your kit to save some money. Before I bought your kit, I had never refilled. Surprisingly, I had no problem with it and I even showed my wife how to use it. I don't normally send e-mails to companies but I thought you might like to know that you have a satisfied customer in Tennessee. MS - Barlett, TN

I'm in my first year of college and refill my cartridges fairly often. What I liked about your kit are those plastic refill holders. Those are pretty cool and keep me from getting inked up. Thanks.
AD - Walla Walla, WA